Membership Information

Who can join the Women’s Active 20-30 Club of Southern Arizona?
Membership is open to community-oriented women ages 21-39.  While we are a club for women, there is also a Men’s Tucson Active 20-30 Club.  To visit their website, click the link to the right.

How does one become a member?
Prospective members are required to attend at least two general meetings and one philanthropic event, after which they can begin the membership application process.  At this point potential members are invited to meet with the board for a short interview.  Upon successful completion of these steps prospectives will be inducted and become official members of the Women’s Active 2030 Club.  If you are interested in joining our organization please visit the Membership Application page to submit your information.  Our membership chair  will contact you as soon as possible.

How often do you meet?
Meetings are held at local restaurants around town. To see where our next meeting is please visit our monthly meetings page. Meetings general last 1 hour.

What are the time commitments?
We expect our members to attend 75% of all meetings, participate in 12 hours of community service a year and attend all of our major events.

What are the financial commitments?
Since we belong to an international organization, each member pays $100 for national dues every September.  Local dues are $165 with half being paid in September and the other half due in February of each year.  Payment plans are available to all members who would rather make payments over a period of time instead of all at once.